20 Old Fulton

20 Old Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY
  • Status: Complete
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Use: Retail
  • Size: 6,000 GSF

A unique gem in the heart of one of New York’s most historic districts, 20 Old Fulton Street was an opportunity to create a boutique retail experience in DUMBO. This single-story building seamlessly blends in with the surrounding neighborhood while still offering a flagship retail opportunity. From its illuminated arches to a crated brick façade, the building enhances the local street scape.

20 Old Fulton Street features a 6,000 square-foot building with 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail. The design was a thoughtful collaboration between NV Design Architects and Kookoo Design. Working with all local stakeholders, the team created a vision that the neighborhood could be proud of.